Advanced Carving – Circular Mirror Frame

This is a five-day carving course, for those with some experience in woodcarving. The exciting undertaking will be to carve a Ball and Bellflower motif onto a circular mirror frame. The wood will be lime and the carving is designed to be done with an assortment of carving tools (including a number of number 2 chisels, a skew and a V-tool). While all tools will be provided students, everyone is welcome to bring their own tools.

In this class, the mirror frame will come as a blank with the basic design routed out; this means the carving depth will be set and students need to do a minimal amount of edge shaping before commencing the more important aspect – the carving. The course will begin with an explanation of this historic importance of the design and end with painting and finishing the frame and pinning the mirror in place.