Mosaic Art

Mosaics originated in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. Throughout history, mosaic art has been an influential form of art found across various religious buildings, palaces and forts.    Mosaic art enables the artist to diversify their artistic horizon. It has been long considered as a form of painting.  Consistent with The Wooburn Craft School, Modern Mosaics’ aim is to preserve the art of making mosaics and pass it on to people and children who are interested in keeping the tradition going

In this  course you will learn the basics about mosaic design, the tools, and the different considerations when choosing and cutting materials, including adhesives and grouting. It starts with a small, simple piece of work then progress to bigger and bigger projects as time permits. The student can draw from a  large collection of images/books for inspiration and a great selection of materials for making your mosaic or you can bring your own design and Suzy will help in translating it into Mosaic Art.

All levels of experience are welcome – no experience is needed. Furthermore…you don’t have to be an artist to create a beautiful Mosaic Art!