Rishir Patel – Leather Work

Rishir Patel – Leather Work

9th July 2020

Rishir has been successfully running his leather goods business since 2014.  He has always been inclined to work with his hands and is a firm believer that a creative outlet is food for the soul, that one should always put their heart and soul into anything they do and that learning should never stop and as such he continues to research techniques, develop and refine his skills.

Throughout his journey he frequently exhibits at craft fairs and engages with businesses and private clients alike to create one off items to bespoke specifications, using the highest quality of materials coupled with traditional leather working techniques. Special care and emphasis is given to each product where only the highest calibre leaves his workshop.

Rishir is a Leather smith who designs and creates products crafted from all kinds of leather. All items are born in my workshop where they begin their life as hand drawn sketches. All items are cut, dyed, stitched and finished by hand on a made to order basis which ensures the quality of workmanship is kept to an extremely high standard.

He is a firm believer that if something is to be done, it should be done properly, and as such he uses traditional methods and techniques when creating products, which means no machines – Everything is done by hand including the stitching, which on some products can take a considerable amount of time.

The next step in Rishir’s career is to share his love of leather and the skills related to creating beautiful objects out of leather.