Suzanne Wright – MOSAIC ART

Suzanne Wright – MOSAIC ART

4th April 2019

What started off as an afternoon’s craft session with 2 girlfriends, turned into a business. My fascination with Mosaic Art started off in 1997. I am now a Mosaic artist with over 20 years experience. In 2008, I went to Ravenna, Italy, to train with the famous Mosaic artist Luciana Notturni. Inspired and motivated by my teacher, on my return to Holland, I cut and stuck tiles in my studio, I decided it was time to proceed further with my business; Modern Mosaics. I challenge what is written in books and push the boundaries because I believe in myself as an artist yet I am always open to learning new approaches whether it is from students or master crafts people.

Since returning to the UK, 2013, I have also studied Product Design at Bucks New University whilst getting my Mosaic business up and running. I have had a number of projects both in schools and privately, as well as, parties and workshops.