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Make Your Own Buttoned Foot Stool - 2 day Special Summer Event


Fee & Material cost (except paint) - £295.00 per person

We will accept a deposit to hold the spot the full fee must be paid at the start of the class.


OVERVIEW:  Make your own deep-buttoned foot stool!!!! NEW exciting 2-day Upholstery Course Day 1. Learn how to mix your own chalk paint and how to chalk paint your stool legs (any colour you want!) Day 2. Learn to upholster and deep button your footstool (60x40cm) ready to take home at the end of the day. DETAILED DESCRIPTION: On day 1 we will prepare the legs for painting and then mix our own chalk paint. Legs and all tools/materials are supplied (tapered round 17cm high). You will need to bring a small pot of emulsion paint in the colour of your choice (sample pots are great) at least 125ml. There will be paint left to do more stuff at home and you will have learned how to mix even more. We will paint the legs and while they dry map out our deep buttoning and prep the stool frame. If there’s time, we will also start making your buttons. On day 2 we will finish off the legs (sanding, waxing) and start deep buttoning! This is great fun and very
satisfying. By the end of the day, you should have a finished stool to take home. Don’t worry if we don’t quite get finished – as long as the main bit is done you can always finish it at home! Course starts at 10 on both days and finishes at 4pm with one hour break for lunch (12:30-1:30pm). We supply the frame and all the materials you need for the course (foam, glue, tacks, staples etc) Legs are supplied raw and there’s only one style available. If these are really not to your taste you can swap them for others after the course (M8 fitting). We offer 3 types of fabric (in a myriad of colours) which we have used many times before and are excellent for buttoning. Please have a look at
  •  Velvet:
  •  Linen/Cotton:
  •  Wool: (Best for beginners)
You can order 6 free samples from them (and then 6 more if you want). I need to know which fabric you
would like at least 3 weeks before the course. 1 meter of fabric is included in the course cost. You will need to bring:
  •   125ml emulsion paint in the colour of your choice
  •   Empty jar with lid at least 200ml
  •   A clean sheet to cover the work bench and protect your fabric
  • Lunch (or there’s a pub round the corner)
  • Apron
  • £295 incl. all materials apart from 125ml emulsion paint
  • 9-10 July 2022

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