Class Schedule

We currently offer weekend classes for  Wood Carving, Stained Glass and Jewellery Making,  weekday classes in Restoration and Upholstry and evening classes in Wood Carving (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Wood Working (Mondays and Wednesdays).

All of those classes cost £275, with a £100 deposit and the remaining of the tuition due on the first day of class. Payments can be made in cash, cheques or debit cards.  Tools are supplied for all courses, materials will be charged separately for Upholstery, Wood Working, Jewellery Making and Furniture Restoration.  We also host clubs in Wood Carving and Chair Seat Caning/Rushing.

We are planning on classes in French Upholstery, Traditional Finishes, Colouring Techniques, Using Machines in Wood Carving, and Seat Caning and Rushing. Please write and we will keep you informed of the future classes. Also, watch this space!!!!

Daytime Clubs

Chair Seat Club

The First Friday of every month beginning with 12th of March. Each session starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 6:00pm

For many years the Wycombe area has been famous for its rush seated chairs.

In this class we will learn how to prepare and use English soft rush, harvested from the River Thames, to seat a chair or stool. You will learn to select the rush, to twist it into shape and to create the basic rush seat. The piece of furniture should be square or trapezium shaped and have rough unpolished rails and raised corners.

In all cases students will need to bring their own furniture to work on, although it will be possible to purchase a suitable piece from the Wooburn Craft School. Please contact the school well in advance to discuss your requirements and the suitability of your furniture.
All students should let us know what you want to learn in this class so we can plan appropriately.


Class Dates (FIRST Friday of every month):
March: 12
April: 9
May: 7
June: 11

Class Times: All classes start at 2:00pm and ends at 6:00pm

Price:  £10 per hour

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