Chair Seating

Participants will learn all the different ways to treat chair seating such as rush, caning, danish cord, among others.

In all cases students will need to bring their own furniture to work on, although it will be possible to purchase a suitable piece from the Wooburn Craft School. Please contact the school well in advance to discuss your requirements and the suitability of your furniture.

Beginner students should look to do a simple shaped object, while those with more experience can bring in more complex designs.  For example for caning, a simple rectangular shape is best to begin, yet more advanced students could bring a trapizium shaped seat or a medalian back, or a sun burst pattern.

Other students may want to learn how to rush a chair. So, there will also be an opportunity to weave a rush seat using English rush in the ‘envelope’ pattern. A small bedroom chair or stool is suitable. The piece should have solid rails around the seat with raised corners. A drop-in seat is not recommended for beginners.