Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration, taught by Paul Tear, MBE.  Due to the success with the Saturday classes, Paul decided to offer his class on Sunday also. The structure is the same as the Saturday classes.

Do you have a favourite family piece of furniture that is in need of restoration? Do you have a boot sale find that could use a little care to bring out its full value and beauty?
Paul will help you learn the craft of Furniture Restoration by working on your own pieces. These can be anything from a small decorative item owned by a great grandparent or a museum quality 18th century Chippendale chair.

Paul will guide you through any repair or restoration from a good clean and wax to replacing detailed marquetry pieces. However, if you want to learn a specific craft skill, Paul can design a specific series of exercises to achieve your goal.

All tools will be made available without charge some material costs may apply.