Jewellery Making

Students will begin by looking into the basic tools, workshop health and safety, at best practices for the use of equipment and workshop awareness. The first project will teach them about annealing metal, and which involves using a blowtorch, flux and safety pickle, hammering, forging, mark making and polishing.

Following this demonstration students will learn how to solder, to use a jeweler’s saw, how to turn silver wire into a simple ring, and how to make a stone or jeweled setting, for a ring, pendant or brooch. Then they will look at mixing metals and look at more advanced methods of joining them to make a key chain, badge or brooch.

Other subjects covered will include:

Finally students will make a number of different items including more brooches, necklaces, etc. The last week will be open to allow them to explore their specific area of interest.

For details see the class description on the available classes.