There are two approaches to learning furniture upholstery. The first, and usual, approach is for you to bring a piece of furniture that you want to re-upholster so that Greg can show you, step by step, how to accomplish this. The other approach will be to work through several prepared projects such as a footstool, followed by simple chairs and more complicated chairs.

Tools are available for you to use until you wish to buy your own. Very specialised tools will always be made available. There may be a small charge for materials and we are happy to help you choose and order your coverings.


French Upholstery

As a beginner’s course, this class starts the process for learning French Upholstery. The instructor will teach the basics of French upholstery, including the use of French materials (webbing, cord, etc.), tools, and methods (different approaches to measuring, stitching, etc.) ending with a basic buttoned footstool. The students are expected to have some upholstery experience in upholstery but not necessarily experience in French Upholstery. This course will also accommodate those with some experience with French Upholstery (those who have taken the begining section). For this we will ask that you notify the school and we can discuss options. One is to produce a panel which includes all the basic stitching used in French upholstery other options might be to reupholster a French chair (e.g. a Louis XVI chair). We will have another course in October so you can do both an introductory and an ‘advanced’ session.

The instructor is Laurent Lainé, former head tutor at the leading school of furniture related skills – Ecole Boulle in Paris. He currently teaches design at Ecole Boulle and he works for many of the leading museums in France including Versailles and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Laurent will give a lecture each day on a related topic then guide each participant in completing their chosen upholstery project.