Maria Chernyak Belenky

15th December 2023

Maria Chernyak Belenky, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, spent her teenage years in various countries, immersing herself in diverse cultures and artistic influences. Her professional journey began in the ceramics department at the Academy of Art & Design ‘Bezalel,’ where she honed her skills in ceramic sculpture and design. Expanding her artistic repertoire, Maria earned an MA in Spatial and Interior Design from New Bucks University in High Wycombe.

Since 1997, Maria has specialised in ceramic sculpture and design, blending these two disciplines. Her work explores the interplay between two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, introducing various media and materials, with a particular focus on ceramics. She emphasizes the integration of arts and crafts in design, incorporating light and sound into her objects. Maria’s portfolio spans from creating small personal objects to crafting large-scale spatial installations. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, showcasing her work in the UK and internationally.