Ernest Riall, PhD (Principal Tutor) – WOOD CARVING

Ernest Riall, PhD (Principal Tutor) – WOOD CARVING

17th May 2018

Ernest has studied with the leading woodcarvers in England and in France at l’Ecole Boulle. His passion is primarily focused on carving that is in the support of restoration of furniture but he is equally inspired by carving in support of artistic endeavours.

While most of his work has been with pre-18th century pieces, he has worked in a number of different styles from Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Baroque and Neo Classical, as well as modern pieces.

Ernest is active in the furniture and wood section of ICON (the Institute of Conservation). He has taught Wood Carving at both Bucks New University in High Wycombe and at Lyon’s Restoration guiding students to produce a variety of creative objects from a simple leaf, to a totem pole to abstract objects in plywood to horses and the list goes on. He is the Head of the Wooburn Craft School as well as working on the Wallace Collection in London.