20th May 2018

Simon is a sculptor and printmaker working from his rural Oxfordshire studio. After working for many years with clay and wood he now sculpts predominantly with polystyrene, a material that allows him to realise sculptural projects quickly and efficiently.

Working with expanded foam using simple knives and abrasive paper, Simon creates ambiguous forms that are inspired by nature. He seeks to make sculpture that creates a dialogue with the viewer, posing questions about how we recognise what we know and how we learn to recognise the material it is made from.

Recent work  has continued to explore the chameleon properties of polystyrene, playing with perceptions of how things appear and feel by using the theatrical potential of patinated surfaces. Sculptural works sometimes include found objects, natural and man-made. These contrasting materials and their textures add to the “character” of the piece, and often give unexpected weight to a lightweight material.

As well as continued work with polystyrene, Simon has been working on a series of landscape installations with wood and steel called ‘Drawn in Air’ . The steel and wood pieces on show at Greys Court are developed from the  ‘Drawn in Air’ series. As well as providing a convenient place to store logs they also provide a resting place for insects and are related to his current landscape project called “Runway”. A piece in that draws on the history of its site at Harwell Science Campus and also functions as an insect habitat in its use of timber.

Simon also runs carving courses and tuition for individual carving projects from his workshop.


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