Wood Working for Young People – Winter 2023

Wood Working for Young People – Winter 2023

20th November 2022

We offer several different craft learning experiences for those aged 10 and above. While we focus on teaching traditional hand skills, we do so in a way to be enjoyable to the young students.

Our primary courses are the very popular ‘metal work’ (which is jewellery making but for some reason boys do not like it when it is called jewellery making!)  But we also have a series of wood working classes such as wood working (making things), pyrography (burning pictures in wood) and wood carving.   Most importantly, we try to work with each individual student to all of them to express themselves while learning a new skill.

Each child is allowed to work at their own pace to maximize their learning.  This means that each student gets very individual guidance.  As everyone knows creativity and the process of making things is very important to a child’s development.  That is why we think our classes are so important. In the past the wood working class has made boxes, decorated with pyrography, a chess set and board.  In the jewellery making … excuse me …metal working class students have made everything from a pencil holder to a ring with a stone – and everything in-between!


Class Dates (every Thursday):
January: 12, 19, 26,
February: 3, 9, 23,
March: 2, 9, 16, 23


Class Times: All classes start at 16:00 and end at 18:00

Price: £200 (Deposit: £100)

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